IOU has launched a section of the Diploma Campus with INTRODUCTORY COURSES ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR NEW MUSLIMS. We recommend anyone who has just taken their shahadah to complete these courses before going onto other advanced studies. To change your view and go to these INTRODUCTORY COURSES now CLICK HERE

This course will unearth 40 ahadeeth from the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) that talk about marriage in Islam. 

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This course is based on the IOU’s first ever online conference on psychological wellbeing held in May 2015. For more information about the conference click here.

YL360 is a comprehensive program aimed at taking you through a transformational journey that is filled with self reflection, application and improvement, both in the duniya and akhirah.

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Wondering how to include Islamic values and principles in your schools’ curriculum? Islamic Online University brings a special course that will help you integrate Islamic knowledge with secular education.

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This is a functional course which is specifically designed for English speakers with no or  very limited background knowledge of Arabic; and require a reasonable command of the language. The course is conducted in a highly methodical approach and covers an introduction to the language needs of a variety of real-life situations. It aims to be a stepping stone to Arabic conversation and catalyze a solid foundation in the study of Arabic grammar. Instruction occurs in a warm and relaxed environment and complemented with rich audio and visual presentations. 

In an age of science and reason certainty is an illusive prize. No Doubt is specialist dawah course to empower you to convey Islam with compassion and reason.

With atheism, scepticism and general agnosticism this course has been designed to empower you to respond the atheist, sceptic and competing religious narratives using Islamic and western references.

Muslims are required to be equipped to answer these theories put forth by modern thinking. As Muslims, we have a role to fulfil in society and the world in bringing knowledge of Allah and His revelation to those who do not know it or do not understand it.

Allah says in the Quran: “Who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah, works righteousness and says ‘I am one of the Muslims’?” [Surat Fussilat, 41, Verse 33

Do you desire to be one of those whom Allah speaks of in this verse? Do you want to develop the confidence and knowledge required to teach mankind Allah’s message?

Islamic Online University’s EFFECTIVE DAWAH COURSE is designed to teach you the many aspects of calling others from “logical thinking” to thinking logically about Allah and the hereafter.

About teacher

The course is instructed by Brother Hamza Andreas, one of today’s outstanding callers to Islam who has taken the globe by storm in presenting Islam to non-Muslims and being able to argue their points concerning philosophy, science, physics and mathematics using the Quran and sunnah. He enters into their world of logic and uses it to refute their opinions and support belief in One Supreme Creator. He presents valid evidence of Quran and sunnah which all point to the belief in One Creator of all that exists as being the true and correct path to follow.


The course brings you over 20 sessions instructing callers to Islam in some fundamental methodologies for calling to Allah’s path. Among them are:

  1. Importance of dawah
  2. Difference between Islamic Thought and Philosophy
  3. Uncomfortable Questions
  4. Two Types of Initiation (Passive and Active)
  5. Sources of Knowledge
  6. God's Existence -  Fitrah / Design / Argument from Reason / Quran 52: 35-36 / Moral / Consciousness
  7. Islamic Response to the Problem of Evil
  8. Has Science Buried God and His Word
  9. Oneness
  10. Revelation - Need for Revelation, Criteria / Linguistic / Historical, Structure / Multi-layered, Impact / Teachings, Tawheed
  11. Prophethood
  12. Shahadah
  13. Action Plan - Global Dawah Movement

Culminating in and overview of all presented material and open session, there is a final exam to assess the student’s acquisition of knowledge during the course. 

A study of chapter 81 of Saheeh Al Bukhari: The Chapter of Al Riqaq. 

Everyone needs a reminder of the reality of life as our hearts harden during our quest to live the life of the dunyah. Imam Al Bukhari gathered heart-softening ahadeeth in one chapter so that we may reflect on them and soften our hardened hearts.